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Are you struggling with fertility problem. If so, we are here to help you have a biologically connected baby with different surrogacy processes.

Become an Egg Donor

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Thanks for the intent to help an individual or a couple to achieve their dreams of a baby with your help by donating your embryo’s.

Become a Surrogate

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To become a surrogate mother is one amongst the best gifts you'll be able to offer to those unable to conceive themselves

Welcome to Wee Care, the Best choice for Indian Surrogacy.

Hello, You are here with us in the first step of your most suitable option to get a child into your life through Surrogacy. India considered as the hub of Surrogacy, will make your sweet dream come true with low cost of Surrogacy and secured Surrogacy arrangement.

Wee Care Partners USA LLC is a professional organization for Surrogacy planning in India. Indian Surrogacy is wide open for an infertile couple, Male Singles, Female Singles. Wee Care with its reputation of being a successful international surrogacy agency assists you in each and every aspect of Surrogacy Process. Wee Care assures healthy and reliable Surrogate. It has technically advanced clinics, which helps prospective parents in providing proper medication in IVF procedures.

Wee Care respects your dream of parenthood and guides you in Surrogacy arrangements in India.

Indian Surrogacy
  • Testimonials

    Hi this is Mohammed from Toronto, Canada and this is my son Mohammed Junior. It has always been this query I went through six failed transfers at different hospitals and different doctors which I trust them. I wasted so much time , energy and also in terms of finances. Later one day when I came across Weecare surrogacy we had a consultation and sooner they coordinated me with a surrogate and went to a fertility clinic at the Leela Vathi Hospital.
  • Testimonials

    Hi my name is Raul. Me and my friend Georgeon Anderson from Sweden found Dr.Meenakshi at her website last year. We decided to try with a surrogate mother and had extremely good male correspondence with Dr. Meenakshi. At the first attempt we got twin boys at first attempt Arsic and David. I can highly recommend Dr. Meenakshi to anyone who want to try for a surrogate mother.

Surrogacy in India

Surrogacy in India
Indian Surrogacy is famous for its effective ART technology, clear legal guidelines and Affordable cost. The Cost of Surrogacy in India is much low compared to any other country. The high success rate of IVF clinics with world class facilities enhances the hopes of the infertile couple.

IVF Procedure

IVF Procedure
IVF Procedure is a treatment for reproductive infertility through modernized ART. IVF includes Sperm retrieval from male, Egg retrieval from female, Ovarian Stimulation, Fertilization of the retrieved eggs with sperms, Embryo transfer to the Surrogate Mother.

Success Rate

Success Rate of IVF
Our team of Surrogacy experts has assisted over 20,000 patients confronting the problem of infertility for last 20 years. Wee Care with its highly qualified doctors and advanced infrastructure combined with most sophisticated and proven techniques has achieved high Success rate of IVF.

Our Doctors

Surrogacy Doctors
Wee Care an Indian Surrogacy agency with its most dedicated Reproductive Specialists helped people from all over the world. Our esteemed doctors are pioneers of Surrogacy in India. Our Surrogacy experts have experience of over 26 years in helping the patients to realize their dream of becoming a parent.


Surrogacy FAQ

Why does it cost so little?

The biggest factor in our prices compared to other methods is our exclusive partnership with YHIS and the inherent savings in surrogacy abroad.