Egg Donors

Our goal to is make choosing a donor as stress-free as possible. We truly understand how important choosing a donor is and how overwhelming can be. We want to get to know you and your unique situation so we can assist you in making the best choice possible. Our IVF specialists have been in the field of infertility for the over ten years and are one of the leading fertility units in India.

Become an Egg Donor

Generally, eggs are borrowed from healthy women and must be a certain age, usually 21, and be no more than 35 who are not suffering from any illness or genetic disorders. These young women also called donors are specially screened for AIDS, Hepatitis and other diseases. Their family history is taken to rule out any genetic problems. The donor can be married or unmarried. However, married donors with children would be preferable primarily because they will have established their ability to bare children. The intent to become an egg donor is much appreciable and indeed it is helping out a childless couple.

Egg Donation Procedure

Our India partner coordinates the cycles of the donor and recipient to accomplish a fresh embryo transfer whenever possible. Synchronization of cycles includes using a series of medications to facilitate a hospitable uterine environment for the transfer of embryos. During egg donation procedure, the donor is given injections to produce many eggs. When these eggs are ripe, she is given a short anesthesia and the eggs are removed from inside the vagina, a procedure that eliminates the need for an incision. The donor can return home three to four hours after the procedure. The eggs are then fertilized with the selected sperm in the laboratory, either by IVF Procedure or ICSI (in the case of poor sperm quality) and incubated for two days.

Once the incubation is complete, a four-celled embryo has formed. Three days later, it will have grown into an eight-celled embryo and at five days a multi-celled Blastocyst has developed. This embryo (small baby) is then transferred into the womb of the surrogate mother either at the four cell, eight cell or the Blastocyst stage.

“To be able to give this gift to a family is a great honor.”

From start to finish we provide everything you need to make your donor selection as streamlined and effortless as is possible.

We understand the challenges that this process can pose and we pride ourselves in providing a clear choice for intended parents.