Success Rate of Surrogacy( IVF )

The success rate of IVF is virtually impossible but with Wee Care you can say the possibility of the success is very much higher compared to any other clinic because of our highly qualified doctors practicing assisted reproductive technology since last 20 years. Treated around 20000 patients in India & abroad and we have an ISO 9001: 2000 certified facility. Over the years our success rate of IVF has been exponentially increased mainly with our ethical ways, our doctors and the facilities we use for the treatment. Our team of experts applies different types of proven techniques for each factor which effects a good success rate of IVF. The success rate of surrogacy not only depends upon experts or facilities but also on many other factors where we need to take a chance of worry, when something is out of below factors:

  • Age of Surrogate Mother
  • Quality of Eggs, Embryo’s and Sperm
  • Endometrial and Hormone Levels
  • Timing of the Process of Insemination
  • Experienced Surrogacy Agency to guide better
  • Experienced Quality Doctors
  • The last one which we have no control is Mother’s Nature.

The last one which we have no control is Mother’s Nature. Surrogacy Process takes long time usually we tell our intended parents to plan for 1.5 years, either it may take less than that or more than that period depends on legal requirements and the course of IVF treatment. So, this is not one day show for all the Surrogacy Intended Parents to have a guaranteed success rate of surrogacy as it mainly depend on selecting a best surrogacy agency who can guide consistently better to the end of the process. Just step in Wee Care, we take care of every step and make sure you walk through the successful surrogacy life cycle.