Surrogacy in India

The emerging medical tourism industry in India has been enticing people from different parts of the world for fertility treatment. Indian Surrogacy is widely open to people from all over the world, and the paramount consideration is the availability of Surrogate at low cost. India's sophisticated medical infrastructure run by qualified doctors provides services much better than US and UK.

India opened doors for commercial surrogacy in 2002, since then the Indian medical tourism industry is considered as a hub for fertility treatment in the world. Indian council of medical research guidelines encourages safe gestational surrogacy which is the most preferred type by the commissioning parents through which, they are genetically linked to the baby. At this point, in Surrogacy prospective parents are prerogative in choosing egg, surrogate and other services.

The method of renting a womb is a cumbersome task in many European countries such as France, the UK, Spain, Switzerland and Sweden. So, most of the prospective parents are increasingly seeking India as an ideal option for Surrogacy.

For hopeful infertility patients who are discouraged by the huge cost for IVF procedure and long waiting times in their native countries, commercial surrogacy in India could be a viable option.

Surrogacy in India is simple, reduces your cost burden.

Pre-requisite for Surrogacy in India:

    • India welcomes people from all parts of the World for Surrogacy.
    • Commissioning parents must produce the medical proof for their inability to give birth.
    • And must ensure that they can carry the baby home safely.

Wee Care welcomes intended parents for Surrogacy in India we respect and understand the beautiful joy of parenthood. We value your dream and provide you great service.

Why work with Wee care surrogacy USA?

India is one of the very few countries that allows International Surrogacy and gives adequate legal protection to parents, but this choice was about more than just the law, it was about the ability to provide care for your baby from the moment he or she exists.

  • We are an American owned company and is based in Michigan U.S.A.
  • Wee Care and partners in India have assisted clients from all parts of the World.
  • To be eligible for surrogacy, all women must be between the ages of 21-30 and have already had successful pregnancies (standards not held in all countries).
  • All IVF procedures are handled at the Bloom fertility centre which ensures you high success rate.
  • The intended parents can meet surrogacy candidates prior making any decision.
  • India has a high percentage of both quality surrogates and egg donors.
  • Indian Surrogacy law does not give surrogate mothers the option to keep a child after he is born.
  • The WCPU program ensures that surrogate mothers have medical and living expenses during the pregnancy, as well as housing in a complex design for surrogate mothers, ensuring the best care and nutrition are being given to your baby round the clock.
  • The cost of surrogacy in India is approximately 40%-70% less than the cost of similar programs in the United States.
  • As soon as your baby is born, your names are put on the birth certificate.
  • All clients of WCPU are given priority with our clinical partner in India, which means a shorter wait for you: between only 30-60 days.
  • We regularly update the latest developments of the surrogacy process to the intended parents through email and other services.
  • We’ve been through this too! Since we were founded by a couple who went through an Indian Surrogacy, we have insight into the little things that make a big difference when it come to bringing home your baby as smoothly as possible.
  • Wee Care offers convenient installment plan for fee payment.
  • Our various Programs and wide range of services offer excellent service, it is affordable, and offers a flexible approach to the clients.